What should I do now?

The work or the path I have chosen, is that a correct one?

The work I’m going to start, will be successful?

The work I’m going to start, what people will say for that, what they’ll comment?

A number of questions come to our mind when we are going to start a new work, when we are going to move on the we have chosen. And these questions only makes our mind to fell in a well of confusion. Confusions don’t come to our mind themselves, we create it. Yes, we actually create confusion by pur own, now you might be thinking, how?

Well, let me tell you a story, then you’ll get the answer.

Today, after a very long time, I met a guy, who defamed me, and once a girl is defamed, that time also falls down. We met, we spent the time together, but there was something that was knocking me down. He again and again asked me just one question, why are you behaving like this to me? And I again and again answered him, you didn’t respected me.

Questions that came to my mind that day, questions that come to my mind from that day, now am I OK? Now I’ll be comfortable with him? Now will he respect me? But then, I thought, he can’t change himself but I need to change myself. Today, I told him, I showed him, that I’m not that same girl who’ll easily listen, accept someone’s nuisance, I’m not that same girl.

When I came back, I was so confused, what to do now, he seemed to be changed, but one idiom came to my mind, jo cheez dikhti hai voh hoti nhi, aur jo hoti hai voh dikhti nhi. Well, if I have thought that I would change myself, I would take myself to a new level, then I’m stick to that point. Finally my questions got the answers, I don’t need to change myself for someone else.

If you, your mind are seriously stick to a mind then no confusion can confuse you…

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