One day I’ll be a great business man, everyone will get inspiration from me.” These thoughts are not wrong, but why to wait for that one particular day, why to wait for passing out these times and waiting for that one day to come, can’t we do today, can’t we get that achievement today?

Its a yes, because whatever you want, whatever you wish to get from the bottom of your heart, you’ll definitely get that, but that too needs struggle. *** KISI CHEEZ KO AGAR TUM SHIDAT SE CHAHO, TOH POORI KAYNAAT USSE TUMSE MILANE ME JUT JAATI HAI*** Why to wait for “”” kaynaat”””? Go and achieve your goal, go and fight for your respect, go and win…

When I’ll be about 29 then, I’ll start with my passion.

After my retirement, I’ll go ahead to enjoy my life.

What? Seriously? I mean are you people really sure that you’ll be alive till that age, till that day? Well, according to me, we should live at present, we should enjoy our present life, I don’t want to wait for that day, when my age will be 28 or 40, I’m 19 and I live to my 19 years life.

I can’t wait, then why are you waiting, go ahead and enjoy…

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