Rain drops…

This droplets of water let us to the final words…

This droplets of water reminds me of you…

Day, when we were standing at that place, talking, looking at each other, reminds me of your emotions, that I didn’t understood, but now I can.

After dispersal from school, I called you, we both were together beside the school bus, I asked you, what happen? But you said, “nothing”, I knew that was not a truth, but I agreed.

You showed me the a keyring which had a heart shaped object, I didn’t understood that time what you tried to say, but now I do.

Our conversation, smile, tears, shared everything, but i failed to recognize your love, but now I do.

That was our school life, I didn’t understood you, but now we are mature, and now I do.

Today, only your name is written in every single drop of water.

I missed you, I left you, I didn’t understood you, that was my mistake…

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