What are excuses? Why are they made? Who made this word? Where is it came from? We don’t know the answer of these questions, but we know the word excuses” and its meaning too.

Well, for what you make? Do you get passed with those excuses? We make it for many things, like,

Starting up with a new work, then people makes comments, woe you have started a new work or wow you got a job, but are you sure that you’ll be successful in this field, no I’m not doubting, but then also…and then these sentences’ fills our mind with full of fear.

Love thought…, when you like a person then, you think, should I go and tell her/him about my feelings, no, if he/she reacted then what will happen, our friendship will also be finished…… And everything gets over. Don’t think, just go, reveal your feeling and relax…

Own dream…”what, you want to do that what your mind is saying to you, what your dream is showing to youdon’t we have a priority for our own life? We should do that only what we are born to do…

Character… No one has the right to determine our character, to point out our character…

Please stop making excuses and start creating yourself, your power, your abilities… Nothing will stop you…

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