Behind The Scene…

When we see a movie, we look for a video on YouTube which can show the funny moments behind the scene.

When we look a picture, posts on Instagram, Facebook, status, Twitter then we don’t know the reality of the picture, the post.

Why? Because our eye accepts that only what is in front of it. A smiling picture that was posted on Facebook Instagram, is that a real picture consisting of a smiling face or its just fake one.

I have seen many people who always said me that, they are happy, they don’t have any problem, but no, in reality they are facing problems. Yes, it is also possible that there smile is the real one, but, you need to identify that there smile is real or fake.

How? While smiling if their eyes gets blinked, then it’s real one, but if even a single wrinkle won’t come on there face, then they are facing problems.

Don’t forget that there is life behind the social media, behind the problems, behind the tears, just you need to identify that, not on YouTube and not by finding the solution on any other social media. You need to work hard, you need to struggle, you need to sacrifice, then you will find your real happiness, real smile and go BEHIND THE SCENE, go behind the fake parts. Don’t forget that,

If you are unable to find the reason behind your tears, then you are unable to find your real smile and happiness…

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