Push yourself…

Today we are facing a number of problems, there is no one with whom we can share our problems and no one who can share their problems with us.

We are here to make excuses, – no my body is not responding today I am not going to work, no I don’t have any mood of doing a work so I will do rest only, no I have to do something else I will not do this work today, I’ll postpone it for the day,

and these excuses only makes us think to set back our foot,

but we have to make sure that we need to push our self forward, we need to push our dreams, we’re not here to finish out our dreams that we have seen.

We are not here to give up if we are failed, we are here to fight, we are here to run, to make others aware that we are not a failure.

Go, plan out your work, plan out your dreams and push yourself forward...

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