Distraction? What does it mean? What is the role of it in our life? Why has this word came to our life? When someone gets distracted, then these questions comes to the mind.

Once your mind gets distracted, you don’t get that time back that you have wasted because of distraction.

We have to make sure at every point of time, that what are we doing? Whatever we are doing is that correct? But, never create a question… Will be I the successful person on this field? Can I gain something from this? If this question once came to your mind then you and your dreams are finished.

Many students are there who stop working, who stop dreaming, why? Because it becomes hard to achieve? Because they don’t have the ability to listen someone’s taunt? No, the reason is

They didn’t respected time, they didn’t used that precious time. They made fun of that.

Never forget we have only 86400 seconds in a day, and we have to use every second for achieving our goal.

Instagram, Facebook, we chat, ever social media makes our mind bullshit, our mind stops working because of it.

The richest person in the world was once asked

Which super power would you wish to have ? He answered, the ability to read books faster.

They used there every single second to learn something new, then why aren’t we?

Go and start learning new, go and use every second of your life seriously, because once they are gone, will never be back.

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