Yesterday, what ever happened with me was not right, that was just a meaningless situation for me. That place, time, incident is now stuck to my mind. But for myself and her respect I moved and stopped the wrong work.

When I was coming back from my college, i was so upset that why that person came, why we spent the time together. But then, suddenly I saw 2 guys teasing a girl, I was listening to the songs, my heart said me with full of fear that, no don’t stop keep on moving. But my mind was again and again striking me, and I stopped moving.

When I went close to her, her eyes were full of fear, I thought the work which can easily be handled why to fight for that, I said her by calling a name,πŸ‘‡

Hey Pretti! What are you doing here, and who are they, 2 morons? Well its OK let’s go home. I don’t know, what came to her mind, but she hugged me so tightly. I felt she was crying, I hold her hand and left her to her home.

When you help someone, then a great feeling comes, and you feel so relaxed but,…

Why girls are not safe, why they need to get afraid of boys? They need to change themselves, then only they’ll be safe.

Become strong, be a fighter…

Don’t be afraid of anyone, be a strong one…

When I came back to my home, I saw myself in the mirror, my soul, mind, heart, mirror, eyes…were saying to me…I’m proud to be yours…

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    1. Sahi kaha Vartika g,,,Be strong,,,,,we had a indian history of #Veeranganaaas just like Jhansi ki Rani,,,,be a fighter…

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  1. Good job, very happy to know about your performance…i have also helped girls in such situations several times but the way was different.
    its really very shameful how some boys disturb the girls, being a boy i have never found any logic in it.

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