People actually don’t know, what they are doing? What they want to do? What’s in there mind? But they know one thing that they have to go as deeper as they can in a work. We think that, the work we have selected, is going to be judge by someone, is going to become a target for someone. Why do we think so? Because…

We don’t have a control on our thinking process, we don’t have a control on our mind, we don’t have a control on our emotions. We just think of others, we don’t see ourselves, we don’t observe our aims, our emotions.

Thing that you are going to do today, will not be observed by anyone at present, but when you became successful then everyone appraises you, your work, your capability, and your talent.

Just have a control on yourself, just have a control on your life, move forward, don’t wait, don’t stop, start creating, start observing your self and start controlling your mind too.

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  1. hello Vartika, I hope you’re doing great. You raised a very good point; the key to inner development really starts with self-control and self-understanding which promotes sustainable, personal, progressive elevation.

    I wish I had that Xbox Controler hahaha; just thought i would stop by and give you some feedback.

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