Today, we are living a life where only competition matters. We struggle, we fight, we run, just to win the game from others, but is that a right thing? I know, for fame, we need to fight, but what about that fight that your mind, your soul, your thoughts, are playing with you?

I know today we need to rise up, we need to struggle, but first, first you need to face yourself, you need to fight with you only. If you won the fight, then you’ll win the fight from the world.

Yes, its true that winning a game is not easy, but winning a fight is easy if your mind is ready to play. Don’t think what world is saying, because with time their words changes, but you don’t need to change.

I know you are tired, I know you see only darkness when no one trusts on you, but for once just for once think that what will happen if give yourself more strength with thoughts, what if you believe in you…

Then you can change the world, you can fight with the world, you can with the game and then ” YOU’LL BE ABLE TO FACE YOURSELF”.

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  1. Hey I agree with your overall point fully 👍👍😄. The goal where you believe in yourself and you’re looking to constantly be a better you instead of competing for showmanship’ sake, is a great thing.

    Competition can be good because it can help people to push their limits and develop skills and they can also help other people to do the same, but that’s an example of meaningful competition.

    Competition in terms of self-centeredness, or just to show off, or for greedy reasons or just to try to show yourself as superior to a nation, or an ethnic group of individuals, or for petty reasons like you have the most expensive clothes, or that you have the latest technology earlier than everyone else, is certainly not good, and is more aligned with toxicity lol

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