What are you addicted to? What type of addiction are you facing? Have you got frustrated with that or it doesn’t matters anymore for you? Addiction of anything, whether its of smoke, drinking or whatever, is not good.

I would like to tell everyone, that, I’m suffering from a very bad addiction and my whole family is so tired of that. There is no solution for that addiction, except if I’m sad.

Addiction is not good but it can be converted to a good one, by gaining the habits that won’t harm us, just create the profit points for us. Like study, sports, happiness, equally relation.

Okay, no need to get worried, I’m addicted to happiness. I love being happy and making others happy…

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  1. hahaha I like when you said you have an addition and that you’re addicted to happiness. That is so true, I love happiness too, and this is why I’m not addicted to certain things because they just don’t compare to tue happiness, and I seem to just know this with no second-thought and no regrets.

    But unfortunately, there are those that put far too much faith in substances to alter their minds rather than things that please the heart/soul, that’s why your advice is extremely on point and so correct and i’m happy to see that you are living a happy and healthy life with your decisions.

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  2. Happiness is a good thing to be addicted to! Like you say, as long as you can focus on the profit of the activity and it doesn’t have any direct consequences as a result of the behavior, I think that it is fine. I just wrote about addiction in my own blog and how it can negatively impact our overall well-being if left unchecked. Feel free to check it out, and leave any contributions that you would like. Interesting post!

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  3. Great twist!
    I live my life in recovery and although I experience more good days than bad, I still have to watch out for those days when I’m feeling down and the little voice in the back of my mind is telling me that I need more. I’ve committed my life to recovery and even though I have to struggle through some tough times, (read about my recent struggle in my latest post here: ) I am living my best life and love reading posts like yours that have a happy twist!

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