Today, what are we not afraid of? We are afraid of loosing our parents, we are afraid of problems, we are afraid from our future, and don’t know why are we afraid?

We are afraid because, our minds fear makes us afraid of things, our thoughts, our activities, our nature, our steps that we take, makes us afraid, makes us full of fear. I’m not saying that, no you don’t need to be afraid, no you don’t need to be fearful, be that but be a fighter for them.

If you are not afraid, if you are not fearful, then you are a loser…..

If you understood what I’m trying to say then its good, bit if you didn’t understood, then think deeply and fight….otherwise I’m here and you are here.

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  1. Yes people can be scared because of perception, or because of insecurities, or because of consequences but you can’t let fear stop you from accomplishing things because this can cause you to miss out on alot 🤣🤣

    You can turn fear into confidence, if you just bring yourself to face reality, and you then realize that something was not as bad as you had thought — it only “seemed” that way lol

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