Wait for result…

When we go to gym, when we go for a walk, when we do exercise and after coming back home, when we see ourselves, we observe that no result is there. Next day we see the same, and then on not getting any result we quit. We start thinking about the time that we wasted on doing all that and then we won’t found any result, except the wastage of time.

I want to ask a question to those who quit, who lose power immediately, when you give an exam, after finishing out that, do you get your results, do you get your answer sheet back with your marks? No, because it takes time to show your performance. If an answer sheet needs time to show your performance, then your body, your talent also needs time to take shape.

You need to wait, the result can’t be seen so quicker, because the one who waits always sees success. Focus on success not on those who are successful, then you’ll win.

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