Every day, everyone do the work they are good at, they are made for, they are capable of, but how much profit we gain from it, that can’t be measured. We are so busy today that we even don’t even see the positive points we gain, we only see the negative points of that and we quit.

Approximately only about 70% people wait for the profit and else quit before winning.

Approximately only about 0.0000001% of profit we gain in one day after a work but seeing it a useless one, we stop working. In this world nothing is possible without hard-work and nothing is possible without patience.

Have patience, do hard-work, wait for result then move one, and if you are unable to do all this…..then sit like a fool and make yourself a fool…decision is your, what you want to do.

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  1. Good counsel. So many people want immediate gratification, they do not look at the big picture. My career was full of ups and downs, but I kept my eyes on the retirement rewards and after almost 38 years, I am enjoying the best promotion I ever worked for, retirement. Cheers. Allan

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