Today the mother wore a red frock to the daughter

She has also taken eyes by applying mascara

But don’t know why mother is nervous today

When girl started arguing for playing outside

Things have also been explained, but a 6 year old girl, was worldly

It was understood that she was out of the house laughing

She was unaware of the storm coming to destroy her life

Her innocent laughter, her body, the lust that came down into the eyes of someone

Are laid it many traps to be managed

No chocolate no toffee now she only remembers the points given by her mother

Fought a lot, screamed a lot, but a small life has been won by a middle aged man

When he broke the thread of his body,

She cried a lot and loud and led the angels and the earth left in pain

She was now feeling ashamed to be born in this world

Was she wearing small clothes or she provoked anyone to do that

But then also all the negatives thoughts are thrown on women

Why women are not happy? Why innocent girls are crying?

Why are the girls are not safe?

Why? Why the number of Nirbhya and Asifa are increasing?


Credit goes to Jyoti Singh who wrote this poem in Hindi and made everyone cry.

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