Everyday we have a plan, what we need to do? What we need to achieve today? Something new? Challenging? And many more questions our mind keeps in front of us, but we sometimes just ignore it, why? Why do we ignore it? Because we are not getting results from that? Or, we don’t want any results? Our mind says no when it sees us on a track of “fail”. But why it comes to our mind?

When you join a gym then you expect that you’ll get fit soon, but after a few days, after a week and after a month when no results are seen then we just leave it. Because we don’t have patience. We just need to get stuck to our own decisions, whether its wrong or right, you’ll not choose that.

You want to be a singer, get stuck to your decision, you want to be a dancer, get stuck to your decision, you want to be an officer, get stuck to your decision, just get stuck to that what you want.

If you are not able to reach to your stage, then just take your steps, actions back and take a long jump like a lion because never forget that, if the lion retreated its steps, then it doesn’t mean that the lion is afraid, steps are taken to take a long jump to reach its aim easily.

Be a fighter, be a lion, become a winner.

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