Good and Great….

We should not judge anyone so quickly, but when we judge we say, that person is a good one and that is a great person. Do we actually mean it what we say? Do we actually know the meaning of difference between good and great? Do we? No, i don’t think so, because people only say it they don’t mean it.

A good person looks the ability to win the game, looks for the chances how that game can be won easily and a great person looks for the chances of how to win the heart of people? How to get in touch with people with heart? Because if you won the heart then you won the game. No, please don’t start thinking about the play person. Person should be great not good.

Now, you have to find the way to win the heart of people then of becoming a great person. And this is not possible by sitting, this is possible by moving, thinking, keeping yourself alert.

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