hey guys, well after a long time I’m posting post actually the these are the photographs of the birthday cake which was bought for my small sis whose birthday was on 6th January and the photographs were clicked by me but the second one is bit blur.

if you like then please tell and yes for the good photographs, to get interviewed by me you can contact me through my new instagram page @varworldeye

please follow my instagram page please and please contact me through direct message on my page to get interviewed…please please please.

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  1. You must know it’s 7:30 am here and am already hungry looking at the pictures 😍😍 So beautiful and yummy ☺️ and loved your beautiful quote too.. short but so good✨☃️ Have a beautiful day✨☺️ now i should look for some food. Thanks for triggering the acids on my stomach 🤪

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  2. Hahaa that cake looks like it was alot of fun to make and appears to be very delicious 😂😂. Happy belated birthday to your sis and I commend you for doing an outstanding job with the photography and thanks for sharing lol


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