Every day, everyone do the work they are good at, they are made for, they are capable of, but how much profit we gain from it, that can’t be measured. We are so busy today that we even don’t even see the positive points we gain, we only see the negative points of that and we quit.

Approximately only about 70% people wait for the profit and else quit before winning.

Approximately only about 0.0000001% of profit we gain in one day after a work but seeing it a useless one, we stop working. In this world nothing is possible without hard-work and nothing is possible without patience.

Have patience, do hard-work, wait for result then move one, and if you are unable to do all this…..then sit like a fool and make yourself a fool…decision is your, what you want to do.


We people have two voices with us, one that shows you a negative and the other one that shows you how positive you need to stay. When you wake up early in the morning at 4 or 5, one voice says, no, no need to wake up, no need togo anywhere, you are fit and the other voice says that, just wake up, i know that you ate fit, but you need to do more efforts, you need to do more hard work.

Pain, efforts, problems, negative points, are now the parts of our life and we think that they all occur because of the bad luck, no they all occur because of our thoughts, our positive voice says and orders us to face them, to make a change in them, and we just do that.

Some of us think that the voice coming out and talking to us,is that right or wrong and some of us just do it, those who think are not confident, they are afraid of themselves. And that is wrong.

Be confident, be positive,because a success need that only.

Wait for result…

When we go to gym, when we go for a walk, when we do exercise and after coming back home, when we see ourselves, we observe that no result is there. Next day we see the same, and then on not getting any result we quit. We start thinking about the time that we wasted on doing all that and then we won’t found any result, except the wastage of time.

I want to ask a question to those who quit, who lose power immediately, when you give an exam, after finishing out that, do you get your results, do you get your answer sheet back with your marks? No, because it takes time to show your performance. If an answer sheet needs time to show your performance, then your body, your talent also needs time to take shape.

You need to wait, the result can’t be seen so quicker, because the one who waits always sees success. Focus on success not on those who are successful, then you’ll win.


What’s stopping you? What’s the problem that you don’t want to face any problem? What’s the matter, you are still afraid? Every question, every thought, every type of problem, just comes from your mind. If you mind committed that, you have to be scared of that particular thing then you become afraid.

No, no, no, say your mind no, just order your mind to shut up, be quiet, don’t commit anything that has no meaning. Our mind is a fool, whatever you show your mind, it assume and consume that point, so why don’t you show a positive way. If you showed, if you told the positive way, track, things to your mind then it will say yes I can do it.

Go, start, commit that you can do it, you are not afraid of anything, you are not scared of anything, anyone, you are just you and no one else.

Never forget, that your mind is your, your thought is your and your track is just yours, a positive commitment is the beginning of a successful and powerful life.


Today, what are we not afraid of? We are afraid of loosing our parents, we are afraid of problems, we are afraid from our future, and don’t know why are we afraid?

We are afraid because, our minds fear makes us afraid of things, our thoughts, our activities, our nature, our steps that we take, makes us afraid, makes us full of fear. I’m not saying that, no you don’t need to be afraid, no you don’t need to be fearful, be that but be a fighter for them.

If you are not afraid, if you are not fearful, then you are a loser…..

If you understood what I’m trying to say then its good, bit if you didn’t understood, then think deeply and fight….otherwise I’m here and you are here.


Today we a try to a find a way, in which we actually fit in. We don’t keep our self alert but tries to make our mind keep alert so that it can react on any type of situation. We don’t know, why do we do so? But we do..

There are many people between us only, who find ways to study, to fight, to learn, to wake up, but we fail….. And then we think about the mistake but we won’t find that….

Don’t try to find ways 😊, because its already with you, you have the capacity, you have the capability to fight with your problems, you have the talent to win, all you need to do is….

Find your talent, solve your problem, stop finding ways….


Today we all are busy at our works, we think that if we are busy then obviously the other person would also be busy…. But one we forget, that we are here to give a second to our closes from our precious time period because they need us and our support.

I’m happy to be the one, who has the ability to support, to help, to suggest, because I get relief from it….. Never create a thought in your mind that, if they are not asking me, about me, then why should I…. And it keeps our mind frustrated.

I know that you can support, you can help me and even others…. So never step back always step forward….

Give just a second from your precious time, that will not effect you, that will help you, that will help others in need…..


When we go for a trip or just go out of home then the most stupid thing we observe, is….. the behavior, nature, attitude of that person, whom we even never met. Then we start judging about that particular person that……

He/she seems like an angry person, he/she would be never friendly with others, max. attitude is filled in that person and many more things… Why do we do so?

Its all just because of our mentality, its all just because of the game played by our mind….. Our mind starts observing so fast that some of the times we are stated wrong.

Observation is good, but in a wrong way is not good, judging is person is good, but if you don’t know, then never do that. Stop judging others and start observing and judging yourself....

Observation doesn’t matter but judging matters….

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