26th June, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Drugs, like alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, are these are the only chemicals whom we call as drugs, I don’t think so, because a normal person who is also takes drugs in a way of medicines. Today, according to the surveys, in India mostly young children’s mind are falling to drug addiction.

While studying about the drugs in details I thought to get in touch with a person who was completely addicted to drugs. Before going to meet him I thought to to call his parents ask first what he was actually doing? his father pick the call and I ask the question – “what is he doing right now sir?” He answered so politely ” playing with friends”. I thought that was the right moment for me catch the detail about drugs adductor feelings.

He told me everything, how he came in touch with drugs, what was the reason behind taking drugs, and when I heard the reason, I asked to myself that this would also be a reason? Failed in examination, 10th board examination.

Today, about 55% of people are addicted with tobacco, 25% from alcohol and 20% from inhalants. Reasons for taking drugs are,

Family problem




Marriage problem

Other causes…

I’m not addicted, you are not addicted, let’s make others aware about it.

This 26th June, let’s stand together…



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