Well, I don’t know what people are actually doing during this lockdown, but one thing that I know you all would be trying to learn all new things. Being locked in home is like an opportunity to learn and live in home and from home.

Whatever we are doing, doesn’t matter whether that work is wrong or right, what is the reason behind that work, do we know? Why we are doing that work? For what and why, we need to find the answer by our own. No one will come to us, like yeah, i’ll tell why you are doing this and all. I’m a 19 year girl who is doing Mass Communication, who wants to be an RJ, who wants to be an anchor, that too of both, a news show and of an event show, but on the other side I love photography too, and I do that. I’m doing all this from my home itself, why? Because I’m a creater and i want to create many and many and many new things that people can love.

Please think and start doing work, don’t sit ideal.

My new photographs that i have clicked, you can see that on my instagram page


Vartika Srivastava

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  1. Well said, you have typed ideal instead Idle. Just check out once. 😉 I get your point, don’t sit idle, let’s do something for ourselves. I am participating in a 26 days writing challenge. Do read my story and pass your comments 🙂

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