A Relationship

Some of the times we acquire a relationship where we can feel free and comfortable to share our feelings of fear, love, negativeness, and the thoughts that could be understood by the listener. We try our best to find a person with whom we can gain a relationship that can be called a strong relationship but somehow we get failed.

There is a relationship that we called a relationship between a therapist and client. In this type of relationship the client tells everything about himself or herself whatever they have tried, whatever they are feeling, whatever they have gone through everything and they tells this all just because of trust that they actually have on them.

To build a strong relationship is not easy but as we know that a bridge is not made in a second similarly relationship is not built in a second. A therapist used to try everything whatever he can do to build relationship. Like giving time spending time doing all that things that a client likes and this all makes a client to feel that “yes I can trust on this person.”

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